Hi, I’m David Xiao.  I’m the founder of Katapal, Inc, and I’m interested in computer science, cryptography, and decentralized currencies.  In addition, I like building and learning about new applications of technology, especially financial technology, to help small and medium size businesses.

I have an academic background with 10+ years academic research experience and 20+ publications in top international conferences and journals.  My research encompassed several aspects of computer science, including cryptography, differential privacy, computational complexity, communication complexity, machine learning, and game theory.  Click here for a list of my publications.

Prior to founding Katapal, I was a visiting scholar at Harvard University and a faculty member at the CNRS posted at the LIAFA (now known as IRIF) at Université Paris 7.  I earned my Ph.D 2009 from Princeton University, and my AB summa cum laude and SM 2003 from Harvard University.

To contact me, click here for my email address.