Angular CSS animation documentation

We’re developing the Gift Uncommon website and apps using Angular.js. Reading Angular’s docs feels like reading a choose-your-own adventure novel (dating myself here…): if you click through the right links you can probably find the outcome you’re looking for, but they don’t necessarily make it easy.

One of my biggest frustrations has been using Angular’s CSS transition support, especially animating ng-if and ng-show and understanding the order in which Angular adds and removes CSS classes for those directives. Angular’s animation docs are spread out over three (trois, 3) pages and after looking through them I still didn’t quite understand how exactly Angular adds/removes CSS classes.

After banging my head against this and resorting to the desperate method of staring at the screen while clicking on my elements hoping to glimpse which classes were being added/removed, I discovered that this information was actually removed for the Angular 1.4 docs but still exists in the archived Angular 1.3 docs.

Access the 1.3 animation docs here

Hopefully that’ll save you some of the time I wasted clicking back and forth through the Angular docs!